what is a townhome & duplex builder?

As a townhome & duplex builder, we offer a streamlined solution for crafting your ideal multifamily home. We simplify the process of building your new multifamily home, making it more accessible and efficient. We excel at tailoring each unit to match your goals, effectively eliminating the complexities often associated with planning and constructing an investment property.


Furthermore, a townhome or duplex home provides you with the opportunity to develop your own investment. This approach not only enhances the convenience of realizing your new income producing asset but also ensures that it aligns seamlessly with your vision.

what does an investment property built by your local townhome & duplex builders include?

planning your ideal townhome or duplex

Wondering what exactly choosing a townhome or duplex builder includes? Our multifamily homes encompass all the essentials needed to transform a pristine piece of land into a build and sell or build to rent investment. Our approach to building town homes is structured on a cost-plus with a maximum price framework, which offers transparency and predictability throughout the entire process.


Once you’ve made your selection from our array of selection options, you’ll have a budget that’s almost ready to be finalized. However, it’s crucial to understand that when it comes to multifamily construction, every piece of land presents unique challenges. During the development phase on raw land, unexpected circumstances may come into play. This is precisely why, while we provide a fixed price to construct your investment precisely according to your specifications, but we employ a cost-plus method for the land development aspect of your project. This method enables us to effectively account for any unforeseen factors that may arise during the land development phase, ensuring that your project remains not only on track but also on budget, all while delivering the investment you’ve envisioned.

construction and completion of your townhome or duplex

Navigating the construction of your investment with your local townhome & duplex builder is a straightforward and well-structured journey. It all commences with approval of funding. Subsequently, we conduct a complimentary land analysis to determine foundation requirements and assess your lands quality. Once you’ve made your selections, we diligently calculate your project price. When you’re ready to proceed, we swiftly draft the contract.


From this point onward, we take charge of the permitting and approvals process, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements. We maintain a consistent construction timeline unless unforeseen land-related issues or other unexpected circumstances arise. As construction progresses, we join you in celebrating the closing, marking the realization of your investment.


Even after the completion of your investment, we remain fully accessible. Our comprehensive 3rd-party-backed 1-10 warranty, coupled with our dedicated warranty department and an emergency hotline for major concerns, guarantees your peace of mind for your tenants or buyers. Throughout this entire process, our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering, making the journey to your investment a seamless experience.

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