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As the best custom home building contractor, we are dedicated to transforming your dreams into a functional, beautiful, and valuable work of art. N2SC provides customers with the option of undergoing a new home build with or without simplicity at the forefront of the process. Meaning whether you want to start from scratch or start with one of our custom portfolio homes we will adapt for your needs! Additionally, below you will find a breakdown of what our custom home building process includes. If you happen to have questions or are ready to get started on your home addition journey you can contact us today.

HOW WE BEGIN YOUR dream custom HOME building process

The initial stage involved with navigating the construction of your dream custom home with North2South Construction is a straightforward and well-structured journey. It all commences with pre-approval from one of our preferred or approved lenders. Subsequently, we conduct a complimentary land analysis to determine foundation requirements and assess your lot’s quality. Once you’ve made your selections and chosen your plan, we diligently calculate your project price. When you’re ready to proceed, we swiftly draft the contract.

pre-approval and pick or provide your plan

The journey of our dream custom home building process home begins with the crucial step of pre-approval from one of our preferred or approved lenders. This initial phase ensures that you have the financial foundation in place to embark on your home-building project.


With pre-approval secured, you move on to the exciting stage of selecting your plan and preferences. This phase involves careful consideration of your ideal home design, layout, and features. You have the opportunity to personalize your home to align perfectly with your vision and lifestyle.

land analysis

As you solidify your plan and preferences, we conduct a complimentary land analysis. This analysis serves to determine the foundation requirements and assess the quality of your chosen lot. It’s a crucial step in ensuring that your home will be built on a sound foundation and that any lot-related considerations are addressed proactively.



These three categories lay the foundation of our dream custom home building process, allowing for a smooth and well-structured journey as you work with North2South Construction to bring your dream home to life.

TAKING the planning of your dream custom home building process A STEP FURTHER

This far we have established a budget, your qualifications, the quality of your land, and what you are planning to build. Now we can nail down the final selection of all your materials. Additionally, we can make adjustments to your plans if need be. Furthermore, we will end this phase of our custom home building process with our contract execution.

final plan changes and picking selections

Following the selection of your plan and preferences, you enter the phase of making any necessary final adjustments or changes. This step allows for meticulous fine-tuning and personalization, ensuring that your home aligns precisely with your vision.


Once your plan is locked in, the subsequent phase involves carefully picking materials, finishes, and design elements to breathe life into your home. From flooring and countertops to fixtures and color palettes, these selections contribute to the overall aesthetics and functionality of your dream portfolio home.

contract execution

With your plan and selections finalized, we proceed to draft the contract. This comprehensive document serves as the formal agreement between you and North2South Construction, clearly outlining all project details, associated costs, and expectations. It provides a structured roadmap for the construction of your dream home, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process.



These three pivotal phases ensure that your dream custom home is not just a house, but a living embodiment of your vision, style, and needs.

rounding the corner towards the construction phase of your dream custom home building process

 After the contract for your dream custom home build is executed, we can charge forward to the second to last step in the custom home building process! We begin to work diligently to secure the proper permitting which will allow us to begin the material procurement process for your dream home.

permiting your dream custom home

We understand that executing the build portion of the contract is just one aspect of the process. To ensure the highest standards of our home building process, we recognize that every city or county has unique requirements for plan submittals. Therefore, our team takes charge of securing all the necessary permits and approvals required for your construction project. We handle the paperwork, submissions, and communications with relevant authorities, ensuring that your project complies with all local regulations and building codes.

material procurement for your project

Simultaneously, we initiate the procurement of materials and supplies needed for your dream custom home. Our extensive network of suppliers and vendors ensures that we acquire high-quality materials that align with your selections and design preferences.


This phase is characterized by thorough planning, efficient execution, and strict adherence to timelines. Furthermore, as part of our custom home building process, our goal is to ensure that all necessary permits are in place and that materials are procured in a timely manner to keep your construction project on track.

construction, completion, move-in and service for your dream home

 Each home dream custom home building process is unique. With permits secured and materials on hand, we commence the construction of your fresh new home.  Every step of the process is treated with the utmost care and attention to ensure a successful and well-executed project.  Additionally, to accommodate your needs, we offer flexible scheduling options, ensuring that your project’s complexity doesn’t compromise timely completion. 

construction and completion

At our company, we take pride in offering comprehensive home addition services, tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

When your largest materials have arrived, we begin the delivery process. Followed by your professional installation. Our teams are building homes all year long. 


In the culmination phase, our skilled construction team meticulously transforms your vision into reality. From the foundation to the final touches, we ensure your home not only meets but surpasses your design and quality standards. With stringent quality control measures in place, we conduct comprehensive inspections and tests, ensuring compliance with industry standards. As we add the finishing touches, your dream custom home takes shape and becomes ready for you to make it your own. 


Additionally, at each stage of your construction process we will hold quality walks to ensure your project adheres to our rigorous installation specifications! Lastly, when your project is done, have no fear as we are always a phone call away!

move-in, service and warranty

Our ultimate commitment is to deliver a dream custom home that not only meets your styling desires but also stands the test of time. Upon the completion of your portfolio home, it’s time for you to make it your own. We’ll walk you through the home’s systems and features before your move-in day, addressing any questions or concerns.



We provide all necessary documents, including warranties and permits, ensuring a smooth transition. Our commitment continues beyond move-in, with a comprehensive emergency hotline available for any urgent needs. Plus, our 1-10 warranty program offers long-term coverage for your peace of mind. Your satisfaction and comfort in your new portfolio home remain our top priorities.


Lastly, your dream custom home building project is in capable hands, and we are dedicated to providing you with a beautiful, enduring, and well-completed space that aligns with your vision and needs.

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