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our entire home repair process

As the best home repair contractor, we are dedicated to transforming your home into a functional, beautiful, and valuable work of art. N2SC provides homeowners with the option of undergoing a home repair with or without a complete overhaul. Meaning no project is too big or small! Additionally, below you will find a breakdown of what our home repair process includes. If you happen to have questions or are ready to get started on your home addition journey you can contact us today.

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HOW WE BEGIN YOUR HOME repair process

The initial phase required for a successful home repair process is the planning stage. Here we will discuss all of your options after collecting information which will help us recommend certain products to you. With a proper plan in place, we will be able to charge forward with a clear vision that is needed to complete a home repair you will love.



When embarking on a home repair project, it’s vital to carefully consider several crucial factors to ensure a successful project. In fact, this initial phase lays the foundation for the entire home repair journey. We begin by choosing a design aesthetic and materials that fit with your personal preferences. This will serve as the guiding vision for your home repair transformation. Furthermore, early budget planning is key, given the potential variability in material and labor costs. In fact, setting a clear budget allows you to make informed decisions throughout the design and planning phase.

TAKING the planning of your home repair process A STEP FURTHER
This far we have established a budget, a design scheme, material selection and what you are planning to repair. Now we can nail down the cohesiveness of all your chosen materials. Additionally, we can make adjustments to those materials if need be. However, if you choose to forgo our optional 3D renderings, we will jump right into the permitting and material procurement phase of our home repair process.

N2SC utilizes a comprehensive design-build process for our customers home repair projects. In fact, it allows us to understand all your needs. Thus, we begin thinking of ideas on how to execute your unique options. Furthermore, this method not only streamlines the project but also enhances communication and coordination between design and construction teams. Additionally, a schedule is provided as part of your design and build contract, assuring you that our team will stay on track throughout the project’s duration. Every project is unique some may last 1 day, 4 weeks or longer. We will be sure to give your insight on your home repair duration. Lastly, we will even work with you, by keeping a clean working environment, and staying out of your way so you can continue to occupy your home!

rounding the corner towards the construction phase of your home repair process

 After the build portion of your home repair contract is executed, we can charge forward to the second to last step in the home repair process! We begin to work diligently to secure the proper permitting which will allow us to begin the material procurement process for your project.

permiting your home repair project

We understand that executing the build portion of the contract is just one aspect of the process. To ensure the highest standards of our home repair process, we recognize that every city or county has unique requirements for plan submittals. Therefore, we carefully prepare and submit all necessary paperwork and plans to your local inspection’s office. Lastly, while not all projects require permitting, it can be an essential step in your home repair process.

material procurement for your project

With permits in hand, we began the material procurement process for your project! Every customer chooses different products. This is why we take extra care when sourcing the materials needed for every room of your home addition project. We ensure that the chosen materials are of the highest quality and that we get the correct products that were chosen ordered. Furthermore, with permits secured and materials on hand, we commence the construction of your fresh new home repair project. Every step of the process is treated with the utmost care and attention to ensure a successful and well-executed project.

construction, completion, and service for your home repair project

 Each home repair project is unique. With permits secured and materials on hand, we commence the construction of your fresh new home repair.  Every step of the process is treated with the utmost care and attention to ensure a successful and well-executed project.  Additionally, to accommodate your needs, we offer flexible scheduling options, ensuring that your project’s complexity doesn’t compromise timely completion. 

delivery, installation and completion

At our company, we take pride in offering comprehensive home repair services, tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

When your largest materials have arrived, we begin the delivery process. Followed by your professional installation. Our teams are doing home repairs all year long. Additionally, at each stage of your construction process we will hold quality walks to ensure your project adheres to our rigorous installation specifications! Lastly, when your project is done, have no fear as we are always a phone call away!

long lasting results with our great service and warranty

Our ultimate commitment is to deliver a home repair project that not only meets your styling desires but also stands the test of time.

Your home repair project is in capable hands, and we are dedicated to providing you with a beautiful, enduring, and well-completed space that aligns with your vision and needs. Lastly, when your home repair project is complete, have no worries as we offer a great service and warranty plan!

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