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full ATTIC finishing and ATTIC Remodeling services

As an attic finishing contractor, we are dedicated to turning your unfinished attic into a functional, beautiful, and valuable addition to your home. N2SC also provides homeowner with the option of an attic remodel with or without undergoing a complete overhaul. Additionally, below you will find a breakdown of what an attic remodel or attic finishing project can include. If you happen to have questions or are ready to get started on your attic remodel journey you can contact us today.

versatile uses for your ATTIC finishing or remodel project

Home Office Setup: With the rise of remote work, turn your attic into a comfortable and productive home office space. We can even make it a dual working space, or just a study room for your kids. Stay focused and organized in separate area of the home.


Home Gym: Stay fit and healthy with a home gym in your attic although if you are an avid weightlifter, home gyms are best suited for your basement. However, customize the space to accommodate your workout equipment and fitness routines so you never miss another day of working out.


Kids’ Playroom: Give your children a dedicated space to play and unleash their creativity. Our attic remodels can transform into a vibrant and safe kids’ playroom. With storage customized for the sizing of all their toys.


Crafting and Hobby Room: Pursue your passions in a dedicated crafting and hobby room. Our remodels cater to your specific needs and interests. We can design and install hobby rooms focused on fabrics, painting and more.

ATTIC finishing options for your project

Premium Insulation: Enhance the comfort and energy efficiency of your attic with premium insulation options like beyond code blow in or spray foam. Say goodbye to temperature extremes and high energy bills.


Skylights and Windows: Bring natural light and ventilation to your attic with skylights and windows. Enjoy a bright and airy atmosphere that makes your attic feel like a true part of your home.


 Heating and Cooling Systems: Ensure year-round comfort in your finished attic or walk-up second and third floor with our heating and cooling systems. Say goodbye to sweltering summers and freezing winters integrate the use of a mini split system to ensure your comfortability.

Built-In Storage Solutions: Keep your attic organized and clutter-free with our built-in storage solutions. From closets, offices, and entertainment centers, we make the most of your space in order to store clothing, memorabilia, gaming equipment toys and more.


Entertainment Center: Create the ultimate entertainment space in your attic with a custom-designed entertainment center. Enjoy movie nights and game days with family and friends. An allow your kids to organize all of their gaming systems and accessories.


Custom Cabinetry and Shelving: Our stock and custom cabinets options offer both functionality and aesthetics. Create a stylish and organized attic space that suites the needs and uses of your space.


Bathroom and Plumbing Installation: Add convenience to your attic with a bathroom. Perfect for guest visiting who are hanging out on your upper level or a private master retreat. You will get all of our bathroom remodeling options to complete this portion of your finished attic.

Durable Flooring Choices: Choose from a variety of flooring options that suit your style and preferences. From hardwood to carpet, we have you covered for whatever use you are planning for your attic.

As an attic addition contractor, we are proud to offer you standard streamlined attic renovation and attic finishing options. N2SC is great with attic wet bars, living areas, home offices and more. Although, with our comprehensive design-build process we can design and source anything you want for your attic. Additionally, you can find our standard attic selection options here.

YOUR DREAM attic renovation AWAITS

When you are ready, contact us in any way you would like. In fact, you can submit a consultation request, or give us a phone call. We cannot wait to embark on your attic finishing or attic renovation journey with you. Furthermore, we understand the importance of budgeting for your attic. That is why, you can contact us today for a detailed cost to finish an attic or detailed cost to remodel an attic, we will be happy to assist you! Lastly, our home remodel process which is applicable to basement renovations and additions is available here.